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Our Story

Welcome to Fill at Forty, a new venture from the team behind retro and vintage specialists The Shop at Forty.

We’ll be helping build towards a zero-waste and circular economy, by providing refill stations to enable domestic and commercial customers to refill their own existing plastic bottles with a range of household and personal care products.

We have owned and run The Shop at Forty since 2013, and in 2023 we had the opportunity to take on an existing refill business in St Ives, The Riverport Refill Company. As recycling and upcycling was such a big part of our ethos already, we decided to take on this new business and with a quick rebrand, Fill at Forty was born!

Recycling is great,
Refilling is better

By encouraging refills into your existing bottles, we can all help try to achieve a zero-waste and circular economy.

All of the refill products we supply are as organic and natural as possible. They do not have any potentially harmful ingredients such as SLS’s or Parabens, and are created with nature at the heart of the process. 

By choosing specialist suppliers such as SESI and Faith In Nature, we can ensure we are doing all we can to ensure that the products you purchase from us are not just good for you, they are good for the planet.

All of the refill containers we buy and use are sent back to the supplier and cleaned and prepared for re-use, so nothing in the supply chain gets wasted.

If as many of us as possible can get behind this refilling and re-use philosophy, then slowly but surely we can being to make a difference and help to create a cleaner world for us all, and the generations to come.